About Shepham

The Shepham Wind Farm is a 7.5MW site located off the B2104, near Polgate in East Sussex. Belltown Power acquired the site in 2015 and it became operational in November 2016. Belltown managed the project through final design, procurement, construction and continues to Asset Manage the project, ensuring its efficient operation and optimum returns for the investor.

The Build

Belltown Power acquired the project from Galliford Try, following a competitive procurement process. Work progressed quickly therefore the TSA was able to be signed with Nordex in December 2015. Road upgrade works were required at a number of locations to bring the 45m long from turbine blades from the port of Sheerness. Council and police forces were used to ensure minimal disruption to the local community as well as the flow of traffic along the south coast. Contractors Raymond Brown worked hard with construction and the build was successfully finished and commission by November 2016. We are grateful to the public and authorities who enabled the deliveries to happen.


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